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Here you will find an overview of our most popular qualities:

  • Silk Satin is a shiny and supple fabric with a smooth front and a matte back. The fabric has a tight and delicate weave that gives it its luxurious sheen.
  • Silk twill is a dense fabric with diagonal lines on the surface. It has a matte finish and is slightly heavier than Silk Satin.
  • Silk Crepe has an irregular, ruffled surface and a matte texture. It is light, soft and airy, but also very durable.
  • Silk Chiffon is a lightweight, sheer fabric with a smooth, silky finish and a light, crinkled texture. It is often used for dresses and scarves.
  • Wool is a natural material obtained from the hair of sheep. It is soft, warm and breathable, and is particularly suitable for warm clothing in winter.
  • modal iis a synthetic material made from wood fibers. It's soft, silky and breathable, and works well for underwear and T-shirts.
  • Cupro Bemberg™ is a fabric made from cotton fibers. It has a silky texture and good moisture absorption, making it a good choice for breathable clothing.
  • Polyester iis a synthetic material often used for clothing. It's durable, wrinkle-resistant, and quick-drying, but it can build up static and not feel as soft as natural materials like Silk or wool.


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