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Silk scarf from just one piece! Individual pieces!

Add a touch of luxury to your style with the individual silk scarves from Schalfabrik.de! Discover the exquisite world of tailor-made silk scarves at Schalfabrik.de. Each scarf is carefully made from the finest silk and individually designed according to your wishes. Whether as a stylish accessory, elegant gift or personal fashion statement - our silk scarves are the perfect choice for [...]

Headscarf individually digitally printed

headscarf neckerchief scarf factory

Discover the uniqueness: digitally printed headscarves Welcome to the world of distinctive fashion - welcome to our digitally printed headscarves! Immerse yourself in a collection that combines style, individuality and quality and discover how a simple accessory can revolutionize your outfit. What makes our digitally printed headscarves so special? Unique Designs Our digitally printed headscarves […]

Silk scarves and shawls made in Como

silk of como

Silk Production and Textile Design in Como: A Tradition of Excellence Como, a picturesque city in northern Italy, has been the heart of European silk production and textile design for centuries. Nestled between the majestic Lake Como and the Alps, Como has become synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in the silk industry. In this article we take a […]

Scarves and shawls as perfect merchandise for bands and artists

scarf factory cloth scarf band punk merchandise

Scarves and Bandanas: The Perfect Merchandise for Bands In the modern music scene, merchandise is not only a way to generate additional income, but also an important part of branding and the connection between band and fans. While T-shirts and hoodies have been part of the standard repertoire for decades, scarves and bandanas offer a refreshing alternative. They are versatile, […]

Scarves and shawls for museum shops

scarf factory cloth keith haring

Individually printed scarves and shawls for museums Museums are places of culture, history and art. They not only offer their visitors insights into bygone eras and creative masterpieces, but also the opportunity to take a piece of this experience home with them. One of the most popular categories in the museum shop range is scarves and shawls. These accessories […]

Sold by the meter digitally printed by Schalfabrik.de

meterware schalfabrik.de

Digitally printed meterware from Schalfabrik.de Would you like to turn your designs into your own collection? Schalfabrik.de also prints many qualities by the meter. Fabric width 140cm, fast delivery thanks to made in Italy. Ideal for your dresses, tunics, skirts, blouses and much more.

YOGA MATS digitally printed by Schalfabrik.de

yoga mat

Print YOGA MATS in your individual design Schalfabrik.de is expanding the range! From now on we will also print your design on yoga mats. High quality and fast delivery thanks to “MADE IN EUROPE”. As with our scarves and shawls, we also print your yoga mat digitally and over the entire surface.

Plomo o Plata made by Schalfabrik.de

Plomo o Plata made by Schalfabrik.de Plomo o Plata starts with a new concept Plomo o Plata is now launching with a new PRINT ON DEMAND concept. At www.plomo-o-plata.com you can now find the best scarves and shawls at uniquely affordable prices thanks to individual production. All items are Made in Italy. www.plomo-o-plata.com

Product information at Schalfabrik.de: Scarves made of modal

scarf factory cloth modal

Modal Scarves: Combining Style, Comfort and Sustainability Among the various materials used to make scarves, modal has proven to be a popular choice in recent years. Modal scarves offer a unique combination of style, comfort and sustainability, making them an attractive option for fashion-conscious consumers. What is Modal? Modal is a […]

Schalfabrik.de wishes you a Merry Christmas!

schalfabrik.de xmas christmas

Schalfabrik.de wishes you a Merry Christmas! Schalfabrik.de wishes you a happy holiday and a good start into the new year 2024. Our production in Italy is on vacation from Christmas until the first week of January. For this reason, the delivery time for all items made of silk and polyester is extended by a good week. All other qualities (production in India) are […]