Our Certificates

Our partner companies and products are certified according to the following standards. Product-related certificates such as OEKO-TEX are always product-dependent.

1.BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)

The BSCI is an initiative committed to improving social standards in global supply chains. The certificate relates to working conditions, employee rights, health and safety at work and environmental aspects. It is awarded to companies that meet certain social criteria and ensure fair working conditions in their supply chain.

2.OCS (Organic Content Standard)

The OCS is a certificate for textiles made from organically produced materials. It ensures that the raw materials used in the textile products meet the standards of organic farming. The OCS tracks the traceability and transparency of materials along the entire supply chain.

3. RWS (Responsible Wool Standard)

The RWS is a certificate for wool products and ensures that the wool comes from a responsible source. The standard covers animal welfare, responsible land management and social aspects in the supply chain.

4. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

GOTS is an internationally recognized standard for ecological textiles. It covers the entire textile supply chain and ensures that ecological criteria are met in production. This includes the use of organically produced raw materials, compliance with environmentally friendly production processes and social criteria.

5. GRS (Global Recycled Standard)

The GRS is a certificate for products made from recycled materials. It specifies requirements for the processing, traceability and use of recycled materials. The GRS ensures that products come from recycled sources and meet certain social and ecological criteria.


OEKO-TEX is not a single certificate, but an amalgamation of various product labels and tests that deal with the safety and sustainability of textiles. The OEKO-TEX standards 100, 1000 and STeP by OEKO-TEX set different priorities, including testing for harmful substances, social working conditions and environmental management in the textile industry.

These certificates serve as a guide for consumers and enable companies to demonstrate their responsibility in relation to social and environmental sustainability.