Here you will find an overview of our basic goods.
All qualities can be ordered in different formats.
We offer many qualities with oeko tex certification on request. All qualities are unprinted white.

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100% SILK SATIN 9MM #10069

Our bestseller: Great print reproduction and elegant, long-lasting goods! 100% Silk, 35g/sqm. Made in Italy.

100% SILK TWILL 12MM #9721

Our noble classic. Solid and elegant quality, ideal for cloths in the format 70x70cm or 90x90cm. 50g/sqm. Made in Italy.

100% SILK CHIFFON #9004

Very light and transparent product. Ideal for large and flowing items! 22g/sqm. Made in Italy.

100% SILK (crepe de chine) #11184

Slightly rough material with a nice texture. Slightly duller color reproduction compared to Silk (satin) or Silk (Twill). Durable quality. 60g/sqm. Made in Italy.

100% WOOL

Densely and flat woven quality. Ideal for shawls and scarves in larger formats. Weight: 90g/sqm

90% MODAL, 10% cashmere

Light modal fabric mixed with cashmere. Very elegant goods with high transparency and good printing, ideal for large formats. Weight: 35g/sqm. Made in Italy.


Firm modal quality in twill weave. Ideal for small and medium formats. Weight: 75g/sqm

100% POLYESTER (satin) #9788

Soft and skin-friendly.
The fiber is fine, thin and therefore very light, but at the same time extremely durable. Weight: 75g/sqm. Made in Italy.


Very nice, pleasant mixing quality from 70% Cotton and 30% Silk. Weight: 40g/sqm. Made in Italy.

100% VISCOSE (satin)

Smooth and shiny natural fiber, inexpensive alternative to silk (satin). Ideal for scarves or sold by the meter for dresses or tunics.

100% COTTON #9031

The Cotton it is a natural material that consists of plant fibers.

  • Silk Satin is a shiny and supple fabric with a smooth front and a matte back. The fabric has a tight and delicate weave that gives it its luxurious sheen.

  • Silk twill is a dense fabric with diagonal lines on the surface. It has a matte finish and is slightly heavier than Silk Satin.
  • Silk Crepe has an irregular, ruffled surface and a matte texture. It is light, soft and airy, but also very durable.
  • Silk Chiffon is a lightweight, sheer fabric with a smooth, silky finish and a light, crinkled texture. It is often used for dresses and scarves.
  • Wool is a natural material obtained from the hair of sheep. It is soft, warm and breathable, and is particularly suitable for warm clothing in winter.
  • modal iis a synthetic material made from wood fibers. It's soft, silky and breathable, and works well for underwear and T-shirts.
  • viscose is a fabric made from cellulose fibers. It has a silky texture and good moisture absorption, making it a good choice for breathable clothing.
  • Polyester iis a synthetic material often used for clothing. It's durable, wrinkle-resistant, and quick-drying, but it can build up static and not feel as soft as natural materials like Silk or wool.

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