Large selection of high-quality qualities and print formats

We manufacture individual and personalized textile accessories, from single pieces to large series for retail, company clothing or promotion. Using the latest DIGITAL PRINTING in the INKJET PROCESS, we print every imaginable motif on satin silk, chiffon silk, crepe silk, twill silk, wool, modal, polyester or cotton silk! From large silk squares, handkerchiefs, neckerchiefs or bandanas to scarves and Nikki scarves to handkerchiefs in your design! Samples of all qualities request here .

Digital printing: Unlimited number of colors, full surface and both sides

We print all items digitally and over the full area on high-quality basic qualities! Similar to posters, flyers or placards, the print motif is printed completely on white base material. All qualities have an excellent print throughout. Depending on the base material, there is little to no difference between the front and back.

Almost 20 years of experience in the form work business

The production takes place in Italian and Indian textile printers with decades of experience in the production of scarves and shawls – simple and fast processing from Germany! The starting point for was originally our accessory brand founded in 2005 “Lead or Silver“. Since we received more and more production inquiries, we started this platform in 2012.

Competence, quality and sustainability

We understand our business because we do nothing else and are clearly focused on one product group. We have been working with our suppliers for many, many years and have been or are regularly on site in Italy and India. We know production sites and the processes there very well, sustainable production and fair working conditions are a matter of course. We only process high-quality basic goods such as silk, wool, modal, cotton or recycled polyester. Our suppliers are certified according to BSCI and Amfori, on request we also offer qualities in the Oeko-tex 100 standard.

Lots of room for creativity

Our customers come from a wide variety of fields: photographers and artists who print and market their works as scarves or shawls. Companies, clubs or associations for corporate identity, retailers, fashion labels, museums or tourism associations for resale, brands that add scarves and shawls to their collections.


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Special wishes?

We have deliberately limited our online offer to the most popular qualities and formats. Special formats and individual projects are available on request.

We would be happy to advise you personally.
Hotline +49 176 567 25389 or [email protected]

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Huge design archives

In addition to the possibility of having your own drafts, photos and designs printed, also offers a huge archive of finished designs that can be printed in the desired quality and size. Personalization and customization quickly and easily online using the configurator.


Technical process and things worth knowing works like other online printers, with the difference that instead of printing on paper, INKJET PROCESS printed on satin silk, crepe silk, twill silk, cotton silk, modal or wool.

All imaginable GRAPHIC or PHOTO FILES can be printed. No limitation in terms of the number of colors. Print your own silk scarves or silk scarves, wool scarves, Nikki scarves, bandanas or long format scarves with us. Produce your own photo scarves or photo towels and neckerchiefs based on your designs and print them digitally!

We have been producing and selling high-quality accessories, primarily scarves and shawls, including the brand “Plomo o Plata” since 2005. In 2022 we have expanded our offer and with our agency “ acc ” we offer individual solutions in the accessories sector



References has already produced for countless brands and companies. Among others Smart, Swatch, Fortis, Plomo o Plata, Red Bull, George, Gina & Lucy, Bailly Diehl, Aigner, Sixt, Accenture, Koziol, Acer, Libro, Chio Aachen, Cosy, Jack & Silky….

THE scarf printing shop on the internet
LA imprenta de bufandas en internet
Drukarnia szalików w Internecie
A loja de impressionão de lenços on the internet
THE scarf dreading around the internet
The negotiation of the stamp on the Internet
EN printing on the internet
The scarf printing shop on the internet

Scarves and shawls are not only fashionable accessories, but also popular promotional items. Many companies use them to promote their brand and attract customers. In this article we will take a closer look at scarves and shawls as advertising media and show the advantages and possibilities.

Advantages of scarves and shawls as advertising media

Scarves and shawls offer various advantages as advertising material. An important benefit is visibility. Scarves and shawls are often worn, especially in the colder seasons. When a scarf or shawl is printed with a company's logo, it is often seen by many people. This increases the visibility of the brand and can lead to a higher level of awareness.

Another benefit is utility. Scarves and shawls are practical accessories that are often used. If a scarf or shawl is printed with a company's logo, the customer will be happy to wear it and will find it a useful gift. This increases trust in the brand.

Possibilities for scarves and shawls as advertising material

Scarves and shawls offer various possibilities as advertising material. One way is to use them as a gift for clients or employees. For example, when a company introduces a new product or service, it can gift its customers or employees a scarf or shawl with the company's logo on it. This gift is appreciated by customers or employees and increases brand loyalty.

Another possibility is to distribute scarves and shawls at trade fairs or events. Businesses can give out scarves and shawls to potential customers as giveaways. This is an effective way to increase brand visibility and attract potential customers to the company.

Design and quality of scarves and shawls

If companies use scarves and shawls as advertising material, they should pay attention to design and quality. The design should be appealing and make the company's logo clearly visible. The quality of the scarf or shawl should be high so that it can be worn often and last a long time. The choice of material depends on the use and the budget. There are a variety of materials to choose from such as silk, cotton or polyester.


Scarves and shawls offer an effective way to increase brand visibility and attract customers. They are useful and practical accessories that are often worn. Companies should pay attention to the design and quality to ensure that the scarves and shawls can be worn often and have a long service life. Using scarves and shawls as a promotional tool is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Google search engine entry

  1.  Produce individual scarves and shawls
  2. Producir bufandas y chales individuales
  3.  إنتاج الأوشحة والشالات الفردية (Intāj al'awshihat walshalat alfardiya)
  4. Produzir cachecóis and xales individual
  5. Production of individual scarfs and scarves (Proizvodstvo individual'nykh sharfov i shaley)
  6.  個別のスカーフとショールを製造する (Kobetsu no sukāfu to shōru o seizō suru)
  7. : Nggawe syal lan selendang individual
  8. 개별 스카프와 숄을 생산하다 (Gaebyeol seuka peu wa shol eul saeng san hada)
  9.  Produire des écharpes et chales individual
  10. వ్యక్తిగత స్కార్ఫులు మరియు షాల్లు తయారుచేయడ ం (Vyaktigata skārfulu mariyu ṣāllu tayārucēyaḍaṁ)