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The history of the silk scarf

Silk scarf neckerchief scarf factory

Schalfabrik.de introduces you to the history of the silk scarf Introduction: Throughout history, silk scarves have experienced a remarkable journey through different cultures and eras. These elegant accessories are much more than just decorative fabrics - they carry rich cultural meaning and have evolved over time into a timeless fashion item. The history […]

Silk painting? Alternatively, print your designs digitally

schafabrik.de handpainted design silk painting

Silk painting? Print digitally if you want it to be faster! Title: The Art of Silk Painting: Colorful Elegance on Delicate Fabric Silk painting, an ancient art form that has its roots in various cultures, is now very popular worldwide. This fascinating technique combines the beauty of silk with artistic expression, allowing artists to create breathtaking works. […]

Bandanas for motorcyclists? Bandanas for bikers?

schalfabrik.de bandana scarf biker

Bandanas for motorcyclists? Bandanas for bikers? We also produce your design as a bandana. Most popular made from 100% cotton in 50x50cm format! You can find a large selection of paisley designs in our design archive. Print your individual design in your club's colors or with your logo. Starting at just €3,94 per piece.

Art collection by Schalfabrik.de

Famous artists as scarves or shawls in your desired format. In our archive you will find a large selection of famous works by van Gogh, Kandinsky, Klimt, Klee and many others. All motifs are available to you free of charge, all you have to do is select the format, quantity and quality. Click here for the configurator with design archive: Scarf / Shawl […]

Schalfabrik.de BLOG

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Here you will find an overview of our most popular qualities: Silk satin is a shiny and supple fabric with a smooth front and a matt back. The fabric has a dense and fine weave that gives it its luxurious shine. Silk twill is a dense fabric with diagonal lines on the surface. It has a matte finish and is […]