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YOGA MATS digitally printed by Schalfabrik.de

yoga mat

Print YOGA MATS in your individual design Schalfabrik.de is expanding the range! From now on we will also print your design on yoga mats. High quality and fast delivery thanks to “MADE IN EUROPE”. As with our scarves and shawls, we also print your yoga mat digitally and over the entire surface.

Purchase on account at Schalfabrik.de


Purchase on account at Schalfabrik.de Buy now, pay later! Together with Paypal, we now offer you two new payment options: 30 days payment term: Order now and pay conveniently by direct debit after 30 days 3-24 monthly installments: Pay conveniently in monthly installments Click here to go directly to the shop!

Glasses cleaning cloths made by Schalfabrik.de

Glasses cleaning cloths made by Schalfabrik.de New in the range: Glasses cleaning cloths digitally printed In our new shop www.accency.de you will find high-quality glasses cleaning cloths made of microfiber. Have your motif printed quickly and easily. There are three formats to choose from: M = 15x15cm L = 20x20cm XL = 30x30cm

Schalfabrik.de prints scarves and shawls as merchandise

Scarves and shawls as merchandise Do you have a band, club or club and are you looking for matching scarves or shawls as merchandise? Schalfabrik.de prints your individual bandanas, scarves and scarves in your individual design. Fast, high quality and digital. No limit on number of colors or design. From inexpensive bandanas made of 100% cotton to elegant luxury scarves […]

SILKSQUARES Made by Schalfabrik.de

SILKSQUARES made by Schalfabrik.de Schalfabrik.de offers the most beautiful designs from the archive ready to print on demand. In our new shop www.accency.de we have a selection of our most beautiful designs available for direct purchase. To start, all designs are offered on our most popular quality SILK TWILL in the 70x70cm format. As an individual part or as a bulk price for [...]

City scarves and city scarves from Schalfabrik.de

city ​​cloth paris shawlfabrik.de

City scarves and city scarves from Schalfabrik.de Individual scarves or scarves for your stand and your region? Always popular: scarves with city motifs! You too can print the sights of your city as scarves or shawls! As a gift for friends and family, for sale in souvenir shops, museums or hotels. Schalfabrik.de offers you a large selection of ready-made designs, e.g. Vienna, […]